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  • How long does it take to ship an order? 

Pls note that tunraround time varies from dress to dress as well as season. We ensure timely delivery according to following criteria: Bridals 90 days, Wedding wear 35-45 days & Party wear 25-35 days.

  • Can I ammend my order after it is placed?

It depends on the ammendment. Some ammendments can be made even after placing an order. Simply email us first with your ammendment and we'll inform you if it is possible or not. Best time for this is within the first 36hrs. 

  • Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order before payment is made. After payment is recieved, it cannot be cancelled.

  • What is the payment process?


  • Can I add sleeves or suggest any other changes to the outfit?

Yes you can suggest changes for your bespoke outfit. Simply email us with the changes you would like (before order is placed) and our designers will review & inform you of their expert recommendations. We will also inform you if the changes are cost effective or if the price will alter. If the price remains the same then after approval you may proceed to place your order online. If the price alters however, then we'll send an invoice directly to your email.

  • I want to place an order with you soon but is it safe to pay by credit card?

We at NaddaSalim.com mantain a high level of security to provide our customers with a safe shopping experience. For this reason we use PAYPAL with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. When shopping with us you are in safe hands as we take privacy & security of your payments and personal details very seriously.

  • I want to place an order but what measurements do you need?

You can either select your size from our STITCHED SIZE CHART or you can provide us your own measurements by downloading our SIZE FORM (both are at the bottom of our homepage and must be downloaded). Try to fill as much as possible of the form but completing it is not necessary.

  • What is the difference between STITCHED SIZE & READY SIZE & BODY SIZE?

Stitched size & Ready size are the same. It includes the ease/loosing required for stitching hence the name. Body measurement on the other hand has no ease/loosing and is strictly the body size. Stitched size is always a few inches bigger than the body size. 

  • I dont know my measurements, can I suggest my size?

Yes, simply tell us what size you wear & we'll make it according to the ready-to-wear sizes in mind.

  • Do you do wholesale? If so, how can I get a bulk wholesale quotation?

Simply email us the design code/name along with the required quantity and sizes and we'll provide you with the wholesale quotation based on this. Our WHOLESALE POLICY is mentioned at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I get discount?

In order to qualify for our discount, you must order a minimum of 5-9 suits. Pls read our WHOLESALE POLICY at the end of this page.

  • Can I get an order refund?

At Nadda Salim, we try to ensure that our customers recieve their order in the best condition. In case you recieve damaged goods, we can send you a replacement, free of cost, provided we get email proof in the form of pictures within 12 hrs of delivery. You will only need to bear the shipping cost from your end to us. We will deliver the replacement. We provide replacements and do not have a refund policy.

Please note that if a credit card chargeback is requested without our knowledge then you will be unable to place an order with us in future.

  • What courier service do you offer?

We only use DHL or Fedex for our courier.



30% Discount

This is the most we offer and in order to qualify for this and to maximise savings an order must be equivalent to Rs 150,000 in value and must contain a minimum of one set per design. A set comprises of 5 suits of the same design in Small, Medium & Large (e.g, 2S, 2M & 1L). We offer our clients flexibility so they can order any size in any quantity & colour (e.g, 5M is same design but in 3 different colour combinations).

15% Discount

4 suits (per design) are ordered with a total of 20 suits (equivalent to 5 designs)


3 suits (per design) are ordered with a total of 21 suits (equivalent of 7 designs)


2 suits (per design) are ordered with a total of 20 suits (equivalent of 10 designs)

10% Discount

2 suits (per design) are ordered with a total of 16 suits (equivalent of 8 designs)


1 suit (per design) with a total of 16 suits

5% Discount

An order of 10-15 suits only.

2-3% Discount

Orders containing 5-9 suits. The management reserves the right to decide the discount amount depending on season.

Anything less does not qualify for a discount.